Companies spend a lot of time and energy in negotiating a robust and attractive price structure for their transportation needs. However, the benefits of the negotiation are often not realized owing to the voluminous nature of the transactions and an inability to cost effectively audit the invoices. Companies need a solution that automates the freight audit process, identifies discrepancies with respect to the contract and reports on the disputed amounts. Such a tool eliminates the intensive manual analysis, enforces the agreement and enables the company to realize the projected value from the engagement.
Radiant Freight Audit provides shippers with a means to effectively manage their freight audit processes in-house and provide opportunities to increase productivity, reduce freight expenses and stay compliant with appropriate financial regulations.

The setup process  

The details of the setup process for Freight Audit varies based on the type of contract but essentially follows the same steps. The setup process can take between 2 to 4 weeks based on customer readiness and the complexity of the contracts.

Once the setup process is complete, the periodic audit process begins. The transactions are either received from the client or downloaded from service provider sites. The transactions are then pre-processed and loaded into Radiant Freight Audit. The solution processes these transactions and produces online reports for review. These reports are manually reviewed and approved before generating the final report that is sent back to the client.




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