Client profile

The client is a multi-billion dollar consumer goods company that is distributed geographically and serves customers around the world. The company uses a legacy application to manage production, order entry and inventory management but has recently implemented SAP to replace their corporate systems which also serves as the system of record

Business situation

The distributed factories and sales offices still use legacy applications to manage production, inventory and order entry but had to frequently move large amounts of data between the legacy application and SAP over networks with low reliability.

The client’s solution used transfer of files and information via email and rekeying data into SAP. This process, by design, is quite unreliable in accuracy of data and traceability of information. In addition, challenges with networks reliability and email server restrictions resulted in frequent failure of data movement. Finally data security and authorization was non-existent.


Radiant designed a solution to integrate the legacy system with SAP using an asynchronous integration mechanism.

Radiant designed an integration solution with IBM WMQI to asynchronously move data between the product suites. With the inbuilt capability of MQ to asynchronously retry data in the queue, it provides a failsafe integration mechanism that addresses issues with connectivity and file size restrictions of email. WMQI makes Remote Function Calls (RFCs) to SAP R/3 on behalf of other systems.

Once message is received, the service developed in WMQI allows movement of data into SAP according to various business function mapping and Routing logic. The solution also provides a direct connection to SAP R/3 through the Business Application Programming Interface (BAPI) standard for Java to get reports on basis daily/weekly/monthly.


    Direct & indirect benefits include
  • Reliable integration mechanism to move data between legacy and SAP systems
  • Elimination of manual processes resulting in higher accuracy of data in system of record
  • Secure mechanism to move data between systems
  • Web based interface to monitor movement of data

System/ Process diagram

Products and services used

  • Web Sphere MQ Integrator (WMQI) Web Sphere MQ
  • IBM MQ Series
  • IBM Commerce Server
  • SAP R/3

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