Client profile

The client is a niche supply chain consulting firm that advises clients on transportation optimization and transaction management. The client primarily serves North American retail companies.

Business situation

In the course of their business, the client has seen repeated use for building excel models to download transaction and invoice data, model contracts and audit freight invoices for discrepancies or overcharges. The client would like to build a web based solution that will allow for modeling a transportation contract (such as parcel, truckload and less than truckload), load transaction and invoice data and validate the invoices against the transactions and contracts and finally produce invoice reports.


Radiant has built a Java & MySQL based solution integrated with BIRT for reporting and a pre-processing layer built in Perl.

The contracts are modeled in the rules processing layer of the solution. The provider transactions are processed through the pre-processing layer and then loaded into the solution to audit the invoice against the client transactions and contracts.


    Direct & indirect benefits include
  • Increased efficiency and reduced manual work
  • Accuracy of assessment
  • Consistency of analysis
  • Automated reporting
  • Web interface to review rules output and enable user override

For more information, contact us at bizdev@radiant-solns.com