Real-time availability of information within and across various systemic boundaries has become a necessity to derive value generation from technology investments.

To deliver on user expectations, all applications or components that come together to support a business process need to come together seamlessly and move data back and forth based on the business need. This seamless appearance to the user does not come about easily. It is typically enabled by a robust integration in the back-end that requires enormous investments to build out and continued investments to maintain and change as the business needs evolve. These back-end integrations are not necessarily only within the enterprise but may extend outside the enterprise using different technologies and frameworks that may add to the complexity of the enterprise integration footprint.

Radiant offers an experienced team of consultants who have integrated between enterprise applications both within the enterprise and outside the enterprise. Leveraging its experience in integrating with various enterprise applications, Radiant can significantly cut down on integration cycle times. Further, the ODC (link to ODC in Application development and maintenance) benefits such as lower cost and follow the sun approach to development allows the buyer to fulfill more of their needs with lesser investment and meet project deadlines.


Radiant’s integration capabilities include

  • Integrate a variety of enterprise application including Oracle, SAP, BMC Remedy, and CA Clarity
  • Web Applications with backend ERP/CRM systems
  • PPM and IT Service Management platform integration between CA Clarity and BMC Remedy

All popular messaging systems and ETL tools like IBM MSMQ, TIBCO, Informatica, XML, Specific application APIs, etc. are supported by Radiant.


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