Client profile

The client is a Fortune 500 energy services company that develop energy infrastructure, operate utilities, and provide related products and services to more than 25 million consumers worldwide.


The company uses CA Clarity suite of products to manage the many complex projects that it undertakes in delivering value to its customers.

Business situation

The client uses CA Clarity to manage all its project work but uses SAP as its system of record for financial management around resource allocation and project costing. The client required a reliable mechanism to integrate CA Clarity to SAP to move project resource utilization information into SAP. Further, any additional hours logged over above the regular pay period hours were expected to be pro-rated to the regular pay period hours.


Radiant designed a solution to extract information from CA Clarity on a periodic basis and post information to the SAP system.


Radiant leveraged its internally developed Radiant Clarity integration adapter service to use the CA Clarity XML Open Gateway (XOG) to support extraction of data from CA Clarity. The adapter service works as an independent service that uses Java messaging service (JMS) to interact with CA Clarity . Timesheet Export Jobs are scheduled in Clarity Scheduler. Adaptor consists of a runtime that queries the timesheet data and processes it. The Adaptor Notification service is plugged into Clarity to use the Clarity Scheduling Service. Adaptor Broker service queues the notifications that is consumed by the Adaptor Runtime.




The extracted resource hours are parsed through a rules framework that correct the hours extracted from Clarity to conform to the business rules defined by the client. Some of the business rules included –

  • Time sheets fewer than 80 hours for a pay period are allowed to pass through
  • Work is logged to a maximum of 80 hrs per pay period per individual
  • Hours logged against mandatory project tasks take priority over other project work
  • If time logged against projects exceed 80 hrs, they are logged in a pro-rated manner that sums up to 80 hrs
  • Mandatory project task hours are logged as-is and the remaining hours are pro-rated amongst other projects

The output of this adapter service was a fixed character length flat file that was uploaded to SAP in a periodic manner.


Direct & indirect benefits include addressing the immediate needs of integration CA Clarity with SAP as well as aiding future needs

  • Move resource utilization information to SAP to enable better visibility and control
  • Appropriately pro-rate hours in a standardized manner
  • Implementing the Radiant Clarity integration adapter service allows for future integration with ease


Products and services used


  • Radiant Clarity integration adapter service v2.0
  • JMS J2EE

For more information, contact us at bizdev@radiant-solns.com